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Scottish Rowing Spring Regatta at Strathclyde Park 2019

Updated: May 1, 2019

Day 1

  • O4+ (2km) really good solid row but finished 4th - with the first 3 to the final. Chris, Andrew, Ian and Will.

  • ONov 1x (1km) - won heat 3, 5th and came 5th in the semi-final. An excellent result in a VERY close semi-final where any 2 of 4 could have made the final. Will.

  • O Mas C 2x (2km) - Win. Chris and Ian had a good row and a great result.

  • O Res1 1x (2km) - Good strong performance with strength in mid 500m, finished 3rd - with the first 2 to the final. Andrew.

Some very positive finishes in amongst top level competition.

Day 2

  • WNov 4+ (1km) - Good solid row with a better 2nd half. 4th out of 6, with only the first 3 to the final. Josie, Susan, Amy, Holly and Hilary as cox.

  • WMas B-D 8+ 1 (1km) - Impressive row to come back from the age handicap to Win by at least a length. Northumberland Composite, Lee and friends.

  • W Mas C 2x (1km) - Good start, faltered a bit 2nd 250. 2nd out of 7. Hilary and Catherine (Hexham).

  • O Mas C 4x (1km) - 5th out of 8. A gutsy row but lacking time in boat together. Ian, Robin, Chris and Jamie (Cambois).

  • Op Mas D 1x (1km) - 3rd, again a strong row but perhaps feeling the effects of the 4th race in 2 long days. Ian.

  • Op Mas F 1x (1km) - 3rd, very close to 2nd. Strong scull. Robin.

  • Op R1 2x (2km) - 2nd out of 6. Andrew and Chris.

Strong Sculling against quality opposition. So that rounds up a long 2 days of competition. 2 wins and some other very creditable performances against very strong opposition.

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