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Berwick Rowers Triumph at Tyne

Saturday 6th October was the beginning of the Autumn sculling series of six weekends of racing on various rivers in the North East, Berwick rowers headed to Tyne for the 4500m time trial.

Robin Morrison Masters F single scull was pleased with his row but due to starting positions was unsure how just good his row had been until he was announced as winner of his event. Will Dalgleish J18 single scull was in the most hotly contested category of the day but put in a sterling performance to finish in the middle of a quality field.

Andrew Cairns Elite single scull raced in the afternoon and was very pleased with his finish position as quickest single of the afternoon. Ian Smith and Ian Boyd-Whyte Masters H Double Scull put in a steady performance against a very strong Durham double.

Chris Eke, Ian Black, Lee Fenton and Hilary Cairns Masters B Quad scull had a solid row and managed to gain a 35 second advantage over Chester Le Street, however once the double age handicap was applied the Berwick crew lost out by 16 seconds.

On Sunday Berwick’s Explore team Barc’ing mad competed in the final round of the Explore Series which was also held at Tyne Rowing club. After beating Gateshead, Tyne United and Durham and missing out on a win to another Tyne crew the team claimed 7 points. This was enough to crown the Berwick crew as league winners 4 points ahead of Tynemouth. The team consisting of Ewan Brewis, Lauren Adams, Holly Freebairn, Martin Zigmantavicius and Shelley Aitchison have competed in all 7 rounds of the explore series having rowed, sculled and taken part in skills they are thrilled to bring the league trophy home.

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